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An Email to increase sales

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Mailing has become the most reliable option offered by the digital world to promote our company, products or services. This Digital Marketing tool gives that little push to increase popularity and sales.

Let’s remember that only in 1971, Ray Tomlinson sent the first e-mail and since then and until 2014 it was the most used service on the Internet, surpassed only and for the moment by the instant messaging service.

So… Let’s take advantage of this information!

Email marketing was one of the most used channels in 2020… and will continue to be so in 2021. In Latin America, especially, its use is growing exponentially as companies of all sizes understand the importance of implementing promotions and growing their email marketing list.

Data from the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC) supports this premise by stating that 73% of Internet users use the Internet to check their e-mail and employees alone spend an average of at least 13 hours per week in their e-mail inbox.

It is a figure that attracts a lot of attention, right?… therefore, you should prepare a digital marketing strategy with this tool that is economical, accessible, automatable, that generates conversions, interaction, metrics and also builds customer loyalty.

Mailing is a critical and strategic component of any marketing plan, and to exploit its full potential it is important to be advised and/or put in the hands of professionals in the sector. You must be a professional to carry out the research and analysis work that provides a personalized strategy, segmented and with clear objectives, focused on increasing the number of your customers.

It is the professionals who know that email marketing is 40 times more effective in acquiring a new customer than through Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, and who have knowledge of how and when the strategy should be planned about the company.

Don’t waste any more time or money and grow your business with digital tools and strategies that truly generate good results.

In short, email marketing is a mature channel that has been with us for decades and will not stop working in the short term, so trust it. It is not for nothing that it has become a kind of insurance for the company on the Internet. An online business without an effective email marketing system makes no sense and would not be profitable.

Remember that, although it is important to take into account the entire market that digital marketing offers us, this strategy that could accelerate the growth of your business and take it to new levels should not be overlooked.

Dare to try email marketing like the big companies do!

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