Where is your audience Surfing the web?

Surfing the web.
Today, potential customers and prospective markets are found online. You must be there too! To reach these audiences you need a clean brand profile, high-quality content postings, quick response times, and more. Trust the experts in the field of digital marketing. We work in tandem with your business to increase your online presence and social media interaction.
We offer custom-made digital marketing plans for all company profiles and budgets. Whether you decide on a more comprehensive plan or a more economic one, Lince Digital Marketing will serve you with care and professionalism.
$ 150 Month
$150 a Month

- Social Media channels: Facebook and Instagram

.- Post a week: Four
.- Format: two posts and two stories on each channel
.- Graphic Design tailored to your industry
.- Content creation tailored to your industry
.- Posts Approval once a month

Your investment

One-time onboarding/setup Fee: $300
Monthly service $150
Your monthly automatic payment is required for this service.
A six-month service agreement is required.

One Time Only Set Up Fee $ 150

Social Media: A Vital Business Tool

Remember when people said social media was just a fad?

Its power has become clear and continues to grow, with no end in sight. Once a communication experiment consisting of more question marks than loyal supporters, social has evolved into a vast catalog of global tools that can do many tasks for people, brands, and businesses.
Social media has created a way for businesses to send a brand’s message to the right people at the right time. If your content is enough to get them interested, it can drive traffic, sales, and long-term loyalty.
That’s why leveraging social media for your business is a no-brainer.
Here are the top reasons businesses must be on social media and how it can help ensure your brand’s success.

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