Lince Digital Marketing was founded in July 2012 under the name Lince Solutions. Its founder, Román Novoa, now president, created a team specializing in digital marketing to serve his network of cell phone retail stores, and the results were not long in coming.

His success was notorious and dizzying and quickly attracted the attention of colleagues, friends, and other companies that required a similar service (managing their social networks).

Since then, Lince Digital Marketing has helped more than 200 clients improve their online communication skills and digital marketing.

Today, being present online is more than a strategy; staying active in their respective markets is simply a must.

Lince Digital Marketing salutes and thanks those who, throughout these last 11 years, have accompanied us on this journey, incredible people who, at one time or another, were part of this project. For them, we have only our deepest gratitude.


To offer quality digital marketing for small business owners in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties in Florida, US. It is part of our mission to collaborate with this entrepreneur in evaluating existing strategies and improving and implementing them to achieve better communication with their target audience and, in some cases, improve sales conversions. We will be the “Chief Marketing Officer” of the small business in our county.


To be, in the next five years, a reference company in digital marketing in Florida, USA, especially in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade counties. To stand out as a company that brings value to its clients and cares about the growth of entrepreneurs in the region and the development of their respective communities.


Customer service: service is our reason to be.
Collaboration / Co-prosperity: the benefit must be for everyone;
Honesty and integrity: we work with transparency and ethics;
Responsibility and commitment: our word is our commitment;
Passion: we are guided by heart and reason;
Quality: we always strive for excellence.



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