Lince Solutions was born in July 2015. It all started when Román Novoa, now president of Lince Digital Marketing, tried to get digital marketing services in San Jose, Costa Rica. At that time we owned Celular Phone retail stores.

He quickly realized that finding a reliable and affordable supplier for digital marketing services, was not easy in Costa Rica. it was expensive, difficult to understand, and difficult to have accurate communication on technical issues with the service providers. It was extremely difficult to communicate with young entrepreneurs that dominate the field back then.

Such was the frustration that Román decided to do what he did best. He created his own team and got it up and running to help his retails stores sell more using Digital Marketing. Little did he imagine that his success with his own Social Media Marketing would attract the attention of colleagues and friends who soon asked him to manage the social media networks. Since then, Lince Digital Marketing has helped more than 100 customers and improve digital communications skills and digital commercialization.

The jump to Florida came in 2020, a year that for many brought adversity, for Lince brought tangible opportunities. The entrepreneur who was hurt or not by COVID-19 understood, more than ever that to be present online, on the internet, was the right way to stay active and alive in their respective markets. We took the step and made some adjustments like the name, which became Lince Digital Marketing.

That’s the story, but in every story there are people. Human capital is vital for development and commitment to our mission. Today we greet anf thank those who accompanied us; amazing people that were once part of this project. We also recognize the value and commitment of those who are now part of this beautiful team of professionals. For them our deep gratitude.


Is our mission to support the small entrepreneur of Lake County, Florida USA by collaborating with them in evaluating existing strategies and improving and implementing them We are committed to helping them to establish communication with their target audience and improving sales conversions. We’ll be the Chief Marketing Officer of the small business community in our county.

It is part of our mission to provide alternatives according to the budget of the entrepreneur. Evaluate the current strategic plan, tools, techniques, and results from their business digital marketing activities. We are advisors on Digital Marketing topics and are proud to guide and propose activities that add value to the management of their clients. Diaphanous and understandable language without major technicalities, that’s who we are. We understand the complexity of digital marketing and present it to our customers in an easy, understandable, and executable way. Digital Marketing available to everyone.


We will be in the next five years, a leading digital marketing company in Lake County, Florida USA. We have the vision in the coming years to add fifty employees to our staff and to replicate our business model in adjacent counties.